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März 27, 2010

One Minute To Midnight

60 seconds left!
59 seconds left!
58 seconds left!
57 seconds left!
56 seconds left!
55 seconds left!
54 seconds left!
53 seconds left!
52 seconds left!
51 seconds left!
50 seconds left!
49 seconds left!
48 seconds left!
47 seconds left!
46 seconds left!
45 seconds left!
44 seconds left!
43 seconds left!
42 seconds left!
41 seconds left!
40 seconds left!
39 seconds left!
38 seconds left!
37 seconds left!
36 seconds left!
35 seconds left!
34 seconds left!
33 seconds left!
32 seconds left!
31 seconds left!
30 seconds left!
29 seconds left!
28 seconds left!
27 seconds left!
26 seconds left!
25 seconds left!
24 seconds left!
23 seconds left!
22 seconds left!
21 seconds left!
20 seconds left!
19 seconds left!
18 seconds left!
17 seconds left!
16 seconds left!
15 seconds left!
14 seconds left!
13 seconds left!
12 seconds left!
11 seconds left!
10 seconds left!
09 seconds left!
08 seconds left!
07 seconds left!
06 seconds left!
05 seconds left!
04 seconds left!
03 seconds left!
02 seconds left!
01 seconds left!

The Stock exchange is now open

März 24, 2010

….“it´s so simply“…. (frühjahr 2007)

It`s not so simply
when you are
by cops and nazi-soldiers;
all happy to see you dead;
caring a lot
that for sure
no women
until it´s too late,
take care of you;
it`s not so simply
when every time
before you meet a girl
the nazi-krauts
destroy and waste your hopes and expectations
until it´s too late;
no, it´s not so simply.

It`s not so simply
when your memorys and feelings
are on a horror trip;
when you are surrounded
by nazi-krauts
who warns the girls and womens
before you
and then the same nazi-krauts
put their dirty claws
into underaged
eastern european prostitutes;
no, it`s not so simply.

It`s not so simply
when one part wants you dead,
another one in prison;
another one castrated
with a nazi-dick in your ass
and another part
who prevent them
to do their shit;
it`s not so simply
when the nazi-sluts
are laughing about you
when there ist absolutly nothing
to laughing about;
when the nazi-krauts
that it´s too late for you
in their nazi-krauts society:
money, nacionalsocialism, money
and their 5-cent bitches at home;
no, it`s not so simply

März 24, 2010


We don’t wake up
for less
than 10.000 € a day;
we don’t play for porks
for less
than 20.000 € a day ;
we aren’t bastards
like the others;
we must fuck in the ass;
we aren’t bastards,
we are dirt!

We don’t go to sleep
for less
than 30.000 € a day
we don’t accept anyone
for less than 40.000 €;
we aren’t bastards
like the others ;
whitch we must
fuck in the ass;
we aren’t bastards;
we are dirt.

März 24, 2010



too sad
to be mad,
too lazy
to be crazy,
too strong
to be wrong,
too depressive
to be aggressive,
too much
to be
and don’t care
life isn’t fair.

too glad
to be bad,
too drunk
to be punk,
too slow
to grow,
too doubtful
to be thoughtful,
to less
to be
and don’t mind
is humankind.

März 24, 2010

Bad conditions (to overwork)

There is no need
to brake, to stop,
to take away or giving up,
to hear
what the others
call a mistake,
this is the way to hell,
this is the way the world ends.

This is the nightmare
about tomorrow,
the beginning of a new dispositions
a complicated, soffisticated
this is the way to nowhere,
this ist the way the world ends.

This is the helpless cry
of innocent lambs,
the hope that will endure,
the happiness of what seems
to be a new wave of mankind,
this is the way to darkness,
this ist the way the world ends.

März 24, 2010

Jena Six

There‘ s a white three
down in Louisiana
insteads of sheets
he has nooses;
he do not prosper,
he never grow,
he has injustice
and racist mania
in his roots.

There‘ s a white three
down in Louisiana
instead of branches
he has robes,
he do not bloom,
he never rise
he has hate
and anger
in his crown.

There is a white three
above Louisiana.

März 24, 2010


in memory of Theresa Duncan and Jeremy Blake

„Truly, Madly, Deeply“

They are waves,
crashing on the beach,
they are dreams
leaving the apartment,
they are pieces
belonging together,
they are tragic lovers,
they are for the dark.

They were electronics fatalities,
colorful artists,
they were soft and wordy
seas out there,
they were edges
belonging together,
they were tragic lovers,
they were for the dark.

März 23, 2010

The Fear Effect

No Future!
No Hope!
No Love!
No Peace!
No Happiness!
No Dreams!
No Home!
No Sleep!
No Truth!
No Compassion!
No Comprehension!
No Expectations!
No Sentiments!
No Nearness!
No Softness!
No Sorrows!
No Tears!
No God!
No Mercy!

März 23, 2010

She`s so lovely,
so good, so nice;
she`s so great,
so beautiful, so fine;
she`s so humanly,
so decent, so applaudably;
she`s so sweet,
so friendly, so tender-hearted;
she`s only another evil bitch!

März 23, 2010

tempting (t.o.)

Without love
we will remain
in the shadows of our lives,
in emptiness
only more senseless
every day,
only more hopeless
every night.

Without love
we will remain
out of the light of the others lives,
in darkness,
and the doubt will expand
in the mind,
the fear rise
in the heart
the hungry soul
will search
others reason to be.