….“it´s so simply“…. (frühjahr 2007)

It`s not so simply
when you are
by cops and nazi-soldiers;
all happy to see you dead;
caring a lot
that for sure
no women
until it´s too late,
take care of you;
it`s not so simply
when every time
before you meet a girl
the nazi-krauts
destroy and waste your hopes and expectations
until it´s too late;
no, it´s not so simply.

It`s not so simply
when your memorys and feelings
are on a horror trip;
when you are surrounded
by nazi-krauts
who warns the girls and womens
before you
and then the same nazi-krauts
put their dirty claws
into underaged
eastern european prostitutes;
no, it`s not so simply.

It`s not so simply
when one part wants you dead,
another one in prison;
another one castrated
with a nazi-dick in your ass
and another part
who prevent them
to do their shit;
it`s not so simply
when the nazi-sluts
are laughing about you
when there ist absolutly nothing
to laughing about;
when the nazi-krauts
that it´s too late for you
in their nazi-krauts society:
money, nacionalsocialism, money
and their 5-cent bitches at home;
no, it`s not so simply

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